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Is this your true form, woman?


Ezar said...

"The pinnacle of female aspiration" you ask? I suppose it is for most young women. It depends on how it's being read and how seriously they take themselves and the product that's in their hands. If a women recognizes the currency for what it is, like myself, then it's use value merely becomes entertainment or research. Each woman, I can't speak for all nor can I generalize, has her own ideas of what she thinks she wants. I personally happen to think that most have been misled or choose to be misled. The whole "I don't care, I do what I want" attitude is the American way - it doesn't get any more complicated than that. Young women in my experience, those who are "liberal" in every sense of the word, are also very confused, insecure, disempowered, etc. The list goes on. If women in my age group choose to buy into the hype that is printed on the page, then that is their choice. If young men decide to "look upon" those women the way that they are presented, then that's their choice too. People are going to do whatever they think makes them happy at a time - no matter how ephemeral it may be. For me, that is not my personal aspiration. I accept it for what it is and move on. I hope I answered your question.


nsdirect said...

A question I am curious about is if you polled sizable portion of women what the majority would answer:

Quesiton: Would you rather me hot and dumb or smart and ugly?

Ezar said...

Ugly and Smart.

Claudelean Musee said...

At some point, I want to indulge fully in your query. But for now, I can't resist telling you how successfully, surprisingly and increasingly you entertain me. And beyond that, how you have a point of view without seeming aggressive or passive. You're aware and you've got yourself some brilliance. Of course, this will probably prevent anyone from hiring you, but someone - the right type - will.