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Bad Influence

We sat on my cold marble floor, stoned, staring at a computer simulation of two atoms colliding on my laptop. As a rule, I hated smoking weed but when I came across a girl who made me want to voluntarily undermine my philosophical precepts, I indulged the bad habit.

“So cool.” she whispered, the reflection of the computer screen against her glasses hiding her brown eyes.

“Watch.” I replied in a hushed voice.

An explosion of turquoise and magenta lines created a theoretical representation of the big bang. We felt apart of the cosmic birth, humbled to experience the process of creation.

“So this is what you do for a living?” she asked.

“I don't do the calculations, I just program the simulations.” I paused, “That rhymed.”

We collapsed against one another in silence as hilarity seized the air from our lungs. The wave of the orgasmic laughing fit subsided and we returned to our stupefied state, now sitting slightly closer to one another.

“And then you get stoned and watch them?” she said, eyes drilling into mine.

“No. You're just a bad influence.”

- The Commodore